What to Do After an Accident

What to do after an accident might seem obvious.

However, these few tips may help you think more clearly when the unfortunate happens.

Contrary to popular belief, after the police or 911, and your loved ones, your insurance company is NOT the next call you should make.  

The safety of you, your passengers, and anyone else involved in the accident, should be your first priority.

Theroux Auto Body advises our customers to let us call your insurance company.

When you go through your auto body shop, especially Theroux Auto Body, you guarantee that your vehicle is expertly and properly repaired, as per your car’s owner’s manual, not the insurance company’s bottom line.

  1. Immediately notify local Police and advise of injuries.
  2. Stay calm. Wait for assistance in a safe area.
  3. Do not move the vehicles unless instructed by Police.
  4. Record the name of the involved Driver(s) and Owner(s).
  5. Obtain the names and addresses of any available witnesses.
  6. Only discuss the accident with the Police.
  7. If accident towing is required, request that your vehicle be taken directly to our facility at 64 Rossotto Drive, Hamden, CT 06514.
  8. Call Theroux Auto Body at 203-248-6331.
    We will call your insurance Company and arrange for damage inspection, repair cost estimate, and schedule a rental car delivery and billing.
  9. Relax and know that your car will be “good as new.”

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